The work is in full progress

The team is working hard every day to improve and expand the application’s functionality. We will periodically update our users on what the team is currently working on.

  • At the moment, our programmers are focused on implementing a free photo crop feature for the Chronicles section, as the current format is limited to 3:4 aspect ratio.
  • Based on user feedback, we have learned that manually setting the text and background color palette in a text block can be inconvenient. In the near future, users will be able to choose from 12 ready-made color themes.
  • We are also improving the video and audio call features, making minor design changes such as adjusting spacing, modifying the color of the interlocutor’s name, and adding a background overlay so that the name is easily visible regardless of the color palette of your interlocutor’s avatar.
  • We understand that every user has content they are not ready to share with the world. Therefore, we are developing a feature that will allow users to set restrictions for displaying a particular chronicle. When this feature is activated, the content will not be included in the “Featured” section, but all friends and subscribers will still be able to see it in the “Subscriptions” section.

Stay tuned for more updates and be sure to follow our news to stay informed of all the changes!

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