Find a friend anywhere in the world

Find a friend anywhere in the world

“It’s never too late to change everything,” we thought and changed the Find Friends service. In addition to its updated appearance, the service now offers several new features.

Upon logging in, the service retrieves photos from the user’s profile. On the start screen, users can either go to their profile to edit their photos or proceed to the next step. The next step is to complete a questionnaire. If the user has answered questions before, the application will only ask for minor additions. The screen displaying the first unanswered question of the questionnaire will appear every time the user enters the sub-application until the questionnaire is completed.

The basic questions include the purpose of the acquaintance and a personal story. Users cannot skip these questions; providing just a few phrases won’t be enough. The minimum description length is 300 characters; users are expected to take these answers seriously.

After completing the questionnaire, cards with information about other users will become available. Users will be displayed based on their location on the map, sorted from closest to farthest. Users can always go back to the questionnaire and make changes by clicking on the ellipsis and going to the settings when viewing the cards. Users can see how far away other users are by clicking on the geolocation icon.


Take the opportunity to make new friends because friends are not necessarily related to you by blood, but they can be much closer than family. Try Find Friends on SFERA, and please let us know if you encounter any difficulties or errors.

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