Patchnote (10.02.23 – 10.03.23.)

Every day, SFERA becomes more functional and user-friendly. Continuous efforts are being made to enhance and broaden the application’s features. We invite you to explore the updated SFERA project.

Our developers completed over 100 tasks in the latest sprint.

  1. Contacts synchronization is set up.
  2. Added Tatar language to the list of languages.
  3. Adjusted the display of video instructions for the application in the news channel along with a welcome message [iOS].
  4. Deployed a call management service.
  5. Deployed the Meetnet service.
  6. Implemented numbers replacement.
  7. Now, if an Android user completely scrolls through the SFERA Feed, they will see the notification “Nothing more to show” at the end.
  8. Implemented a repeated request for languages in the profile, as well as obtaining languages from the profile when they change.
  9. Configured processing of lack of internet connection.
  10. Localization improved in VideoS service.
  11. Added notes for contacts and the ability to display them in a private chat in ASAP.
  12. Improved account settings in terms of specifying first name and last name.
  13. Fixed a bug where, after changing the name in settings, the old name was displayed.
  14. Fixed a bug where SFERA ID: NULL was displayed in the side menu after going to the profile.
  15. Translated language names on the language selection screen.
  16. Fixed a bug on Android 13 where, after registration, when trying to save the ID to the gallery, permission to access files was not requested.
  17. Fixed a bug where, after installation and the first login, there was no transition when tapping on the icons of sub-applications.
  18. Fixed a bug where, when specifying a number linked to another account during registration, the number was linked to two accounts.


Job Lite

  1. Moved the button to enable notifications to the top field of the screen.
  2. Added the ability to close by swipe on the screens for selecting industry, languages, and driver’s license.
  3. All vacancies can now be seen on the vacancies map.
  4. Changed the appearance of the job view screen.
  5. Adjusted translations of push notifications about new vacancies.
  6. Removed required fields from the subscription filter.
  7. Empty fields are not displayed when viewing a job card.
  8. Only the push notification button (bell) was left on the job viewing screen.
  9. Moved the job rating under the “favorites” / “delete” button.
  10. If the user did not specify the location in the vacancy card, the entry “Not specified” is displayed.
  11. The “Subscriptions filter” screen is now on the push notifications screen.
  12. Implemented formatting of the job description text.
  13. Created advanced job view screen.
  14. Publication limit is now checked before proceeding to the creation of a vacancy.
  15. EP for receiving the number of their vacancies.
  16. Added bar blur in job view.
  17. A display limit of 35 characters has been set on the vacancy card in the SERP (in two lines) and the “Vacation name” field.
  18. The number of tags in the “type of employment” section is limited.
  19. Transparent bar in the filter location.
  20. Implemented a screen for viewing your vacancy.
  21. Navigation between the Job Feed and Job View screens.
  22. Implemented subscriptions to the vacancy filter.
  23. Configured processing of the absence of internet connection in the Create / Edit job.
  24. The “link” field is not displayed when viewing a job.
  25. There is a limit of 5 languages in Job creation/editing.
  26. Profile of the vacancy author.
  27. On the “Industry Selection” screen, flickering of the fields of the new and current industry has been implemented.
  28. Job evaluation is available.
  29. Implemented a response directly from the job feed.
  30. Fixed a bug with the disappearance of a photo after adding it to a job.
  31. The tags “Type of employment” are brought to a single color.
  32. Fixed a bug where jobs were not displayed in the search results after changing the language.
  33. Fixed a bug when, during the creation/editing of a vacancy, selecting any industry through the search activated the first option in the general list.
  34. Fixed a bug where an image deleted during editing was displayed again on the preview screen.
  35. Fixed a bug when the empty input of the Link to the website field was not saved after editing.
  36. Added the ability to create/edit a vacancy when entering Cyrillic in the Website field.
  37. Fixed a bug when the position of the “vacancy activation” switch was not saved after editing.
  38. Fixed bugs with opening a link when viewing a vacancy.
  39. Fixed a bug where ribbon cells with no description would change the height on reload.
  40. Removed the notification button from the Notifications screen.
  41. Fixed a bug when the “Doesn’t matter” checkbox in the geolocation was not saved after editing, and the geolocation was displayed on the card.
  42. Fixed a bug where reopening the job editing screen would turn off the remote job tag.
  43. Fixed flickering of checkboxes when tapping on the “Driver’s license” screen.


Find Friends

  1. All questionnaire buttons are aligned with the design.
  2. The avatar in FF is not updated if the photo is set as an avatar.
  3. Created and verified the status of the questionnaire.
  4. Fixed a bug when filling in text fields in the emoji profile.
  5. Adjusted the location of the “Back” button on the results screen when switching from the People Nearby screen, and also configured the hiding of the back button and titles when scrolling.
  6. On the People Nearby screen, made the top bar static and non-transparent.
  7. Swapped the order of female and male when sending survey questions.
  8. Fixed errors on the questionnaire screens and the results filter.
  9. Fixed a bug in the Questionnaire where the title in the sections “Tell me about the goals of your friendship / Tell more about your hobbies” changed when the keyboard appeared, and design flaws were also eliminated.
  10. Increased the touch zones on the “Back” buttons on the profile screens and people nearby.
  11. Fixed a bug where, when opening your profile through the user’s screen from “People Nearby,” the return was made to the general results screen.
  12. Fixed a bug when returning from the FF chat list to the results screen.
  13. Fixed a bug with screen flickering with photos after filling out the questionnaire and going to the results screen.
  14. Fixed a bug where completed questions were not saved when switching between questionnaire questions or when exiting a sub-application.
  15. Fixed a bug with displaying the screen with a photo.
  16. Fixed a bug where, after going to the user card from the “People Nearby” screen, only 2 buttons were displayed in the “More” panel.
  17. Fixed a bug with double chat when receiving and sending a message through the “Write” button on the issuance screen.


Main profile

  1. In Chronicles, the character limit for texts is set to 128.
  2. The “More” button is no longer displayed on a third-party user’s profile if they have one or two languages.
  3. Fixed a bug with text display during publication.
  4. The total percentage of votes in “Poll” type chronicles has been aligned.
  5. Fixed photo duplication when setting an avatar from a profile photo.
  6. Added “Delete” text next to the delete block icon on the timeline creation screen.
  7. Fixed a bug with location crashes when editing a chronicle.
  8. Fixed a bug with incorrect text display in the title in full-screen mode in the Photo Chronicle section.
  9. Fixed endless profile opening when tapping on the user’s avatar.
  10. Fixed an issue where a moment would continue playing when opening the complaints menu.
  11. Fixed a bug where the profile wouldn’t update after deleting a moment.
  12. Moments can now be saved indefinitely.
  13. Fixed a bug where it was impossible to replay a downloaded moment in preview mode.
  14. Fixed a bug where tapping cancel would open the gallery when setting an avatar from a profile photo.
  15. Design changes have been made to the language line, and the correct translation has been implemented when tapping on the “More” button in the Languages line.



  1. Fixed a bug where, upon switching from a new contact’s profile, chat section names and categories were not displayed in the chat list.
  2. Fixed a bug where red stripes appeared on the sides of the avatar on the chat creation screen for user 100100000.
  3. Fixed a bug where the sender’s name was not displayed in the push notification containing the message.
  4. Push notification labels are now left-aligned.
  5. Fixed a bug where, after sending a multi-line text message, the input field did not resize to one line.



  1. The button dimensions on the start screen have been adjusted to match the design.
  2. The background color and “Add” button on the “Add Video” screen have been fixed.
  3. Additionally, the background color in the “Video sent for moderation” notification has been corrected.
  4. Design-related bugs in the video upload confirmation screen have also been fixed.

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