Update SFERA

Update SFERA

An update has been released that makes using the application more enjoyable and convenient.

What’s new in this update? We have done an excellent job of fixing all bugs and improving performance. The app is now faster and more stable. Additionally, we have added several new features.

ASAP chats now have a notification that helps avoid situations where a user tries to send a file larger than 200 MB.

In the JobLite sub-application, visualization has been added during data loading on job view and filter screens. This provides an understanding that the application is functioning and information is being downloaded. Moreover, Tatar language has been added to the list of available languages in JobLite, which is a significant step toward enhancing the app’s accessibility for users in various regions.

In the VideoS application, uploaded video files are compressed, substantially reducing the amount of data transferred. Now you can upload videos much faster.

We also implemented a restriction on uploading videos shorter than 30 seconds. Now users will have to reconsider their approach to the content they publish and choose only the most engaging and informative videos, making the selection of videos in the application better and more valuable.

In addition to all of the above, we have worked on eliminating design flaws, crashes of sub-applications, and fixing bugs related to avatar display.

We recommend updating the app as soon as possible if you haven’t already. And remember to leave comments and report app bugs so we can fix them.


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