A major update in SFERA

It’s time to share some news!

Today, we are releasing a series of updates resulting from four months of work by our team.

The most significant changes have affected the functionality of ASAP, which should significantly improve the performance of the messenger. This will be especially noticeable for Android users. The changes include improvements to call and push notifications and messages.

We have revamped the MeetNet dating service and significantly improved the functionality of the SFERA Feed. Account password recovery has been implemented, which will undoubtedly please many users. Additionally, we have added rating statistics to the main profile.

Another significant improvement is the streamlined synchronization of contacts. Now, when creating a chat, you can always see friends and acquaintances whose contacts are saved on your smartphone. All of this is available if they have an account in SFERA and have linked their phone number in the settings.

The update will include over 600 (!!!) fixes and changes, a substantial portion of which are not visually noticeable to the average user but enhance the overall user experience in the application.

Our team works 24/7; we don’t take vacations, and 6:00 PM is not the end of the workday for developers. However, unfortunately, due to minimal resources, we are currently unable to conduct a high-quality release, so we have chosen a series of updates as a faster solution. Since this update includes over 500,000 lines of code, we want to notify you that there may be some glitches initially. We apologize for any inconvenience and hope for your understanding.

Thank you for your support and patience! We appreciate all of you and hope our update will bring you even more convenience and benefit. If you have any questions or issues, please don’t hesitate to let us know.

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