It’s a new Job Lite

It’s a new Job Lite

Since the beginning of 2023, without any breaks for holidays or weekends, we have been working hard at SFERA to prepare a major update for the three services we have mentioned before. This update has touched on services such as Job Lite, Find Friends, and VideoS. Today, we will focus on Job Lite.

The Job Lite app has undergone fundamental changes. We have rewritten the user scripts and made the application much easier to use. We have completely redesigned the job cards, making them look more modern and stylish. The bright accent colors allow you to quickly navigate through job listings and easily find what you are looking for.

Our fonts have been redesigned to make the text within the app look neater and easier to read. The maximum number of characters in the job description is now 4,000, giving employers and representatives an excellent opportunity to describe all the conditions and requirements in more detail.

You can always add the most interesting jobs to your favorites and then use filters to search only for the job that suits you best. You can also apply for job alerts via filters.

If you tap the “Reply” button, you will immediately enter a chat with the job creator and can ask all your questions and discuss the details of the offer.

The updated version of SFERA is already available on the App Store and Google Play. Try out the new features in the app and see you in the new releases!

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