Update for iOS and Android

Hello friends! Today, we are pleased to share with you a list of tasks we have been working on before the New Year holidays. All these enhancements and fixes were significant steps towards improving our applications on Android and iOS platforms. Here’s what we’ve accomplished:


Added the “Moments” feature to the chat list, allowing users to share important moments in their lives quickly.

Changed the video player in the ASAP app, now allowing you to watch videos horizontally and vertically.

Successfully migrated the Beauty Space service to M3, enhancing its functionality.

Added the ability to mark messages as read and unread in the chat list using swiping.

Implemented the phone number linking feature from the chat list to simplify communication.

Fixed various bugs throughout the application.



Corrected the incorrect behavior of the “X” button when viewing horizontal video timelines in full-screen on small screens in the SFERA Feed.

Implemented the display of Moments from subscriptions in the general feed.

Fixed the video rewind issue.

Fixed a crash in the profile when filling out a questionnaire through the profile and transitioning to the editing screen.

Resolved issues with displaying a blocked user and restrictions on spaces and indents in surveys.

The map marker in the “Location” section now updates upon reselecting the location.

Fixed scrolling when the “About Me” field is filled.

In the BlackBox app, a bug was fixed when removing a box from the feed after filing a complaint and an issue with displaying the question text in the chat.

In ASAP, fixed issues with calls, time display, and bubbles.

In Choose, fixed the error of reporting a survey with a hidden author and issues with displaying avatars in surveys and comments.

Improved animation when swiping the last card in FF, fixed an issue with changing the language on the profile editing screen and eliminated interface flickering on profiles without timelines.

In Job Lite, corrected incorrect button sizes and issues with the toggle switch, crash when viewing vacancies without internet, and problems with displaying long job titles and transitioning to deleted vacancies.

In Meetnet, added the ability to rate a card through regular feed and people nearby and planned a screen location and logic replacement in FF and MeetNet.

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