Update and future plans

We continue to work on improving our application and are pleased to announce that in the latest Android update, we have fixed many design-related bugs and eliminated several crashes. Here are some of the critical changes:

  • When you return to a user’s profile, the app no longer crashes.
  • Video call icons in the chat list now match the design.
  • Fixed a crash that occurred when minimizing the app after scrolling through the VideoS section.
  • Validation of the name and description of group chats now works correctly.
  • Editing chat settings no longer results in the disappearance of previously entered descriptions.
  • Now, when you go to a profile from the settings of a private chat, you can return to the chat with a single press of the ‘back’ button.

As for our plans, we aim to implement features that will make our application even more convenient and functional:

  • We plan to add the ability to perform various actions with chats, such as deleting or archiving, with a simple swipe in the desired direction. This will significantly simplify chat management and make it more intuitive.
  • Sometimes, for various reasons, a user may need to change their gender in the profile after registration. Therefore, we will add a feature to make it easy to do this in the profile settings.
  • We will introduce an updated player for playing videos in chats, supporting viewing videos in landscape mode.
  • We will also improve the process of changing the language in the app so that users can easily and without any problems choose their preferred interface language.

These are just some of the plans we intend to implement soon.

We strive to provide you with the best user experience, so stay tuned for updates and stay with us!

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