Update for both platform

Here’s the time to tell you about the new update of our iOS and Android apps. Our developers have fixed several bugs and added some enhancements to the functionality. Here’s a list of the main changes.


  1. The “Create Chat” icon no longer overlaps the last chat in the general chat list.
  2. The issue with the inability to move chats from the “Primary” category to “Archive” and “Blocked” has been resolved.
  3. Calls from blocked users will no longer go through, and you won’t be able to call a user who has blocked your contact.
  4. We’ve also worked on minor bugs in the new media picker.
  5. The “Add User” button is now displayed in chats without members on the members list screen.
  6. In Job Lite, inactive job postings no longer disappear after editing.
  7. When returning to the previous screen in the job posting window, partially filled vacancies are saved and do not disappear.
  8. Users’ job postings are no longer displayed in the general listings.
  9. The issue with the app crashing when trying to download or share videos on Android 14 has been resolved in Videos.
  10. Added the ability to choose a location when creating a chronicle and increased the text length.
  11. Profile: countries are now correctly displayed for all users.
  12. Black Box: the location detection error on the map has been fixed.
  13. MeetNet: the issue with a hanging card when swiping has been resolved.
  14. In addition to all the above, a video tutorial has been added, and the “Community Guidelines” have been updated.


  1. Now, the moderator account has a special badge allowing users to identify them in chats quickly.
  2. The loading of the chat list has been optimized. Now, it loads faster and more smoothly.
  3. Chat loading has been optimized: now it will happen faster, allowing users to access messages and information more promptly.
  4. Message synchronization has been improved, eliminating any possible delays.
  5. Invitation links to the application have been updated.
  6. The character limit in Chronicles has been increased, giving users more opportunities for creativity.
  7. Sending current geolocation during a call has been added.
  8. The design and logic of the income question in MeetNet have been updated to make the process more intuitive and understandable for users.
  9. Various deficiencies and errors have been fixed.

These and many other fixes will allow you to enjoy the stability and convenience of using our app. Remember to update SFERA to the latest version to access all the new features and improve the user experience.

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