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Today, it’s time to talk about VideoS service updates. The service’s functionality has expanded significantly, and we will consider all the currently available functions in the application.

Video search. When you press the “Video” button in VideoS, you will be directed to the list of videos. Here, you can view videos related to specific categories such as quotes, parables, poems, and success stories. Additionally, you can find your viewing history.

Rating/Stars. Even without creating your own video, you can watch videos of other users, rate them, and add videos with the best content to your favorites.

Share. A helpful feature in VideoS is the ability to share a video with others. To do this, while watching the video, tap on the arrow on the right and select the option to send the file. You can choose from various social networks and data transfer methods. However, please note that in some cases, the user may not have the option to save the video to their device.

Video downloading. You can also download videos from the service to your device. To do this, click on the video to access the menu, and then click the “Download” button.

Uploading your own videos. Authors and bloggers can upload their content to the service. There are no restrictions on the duration of the video sequence. However, please ensure that the uploaded video is of good quality and useful for other users. After uploading, each video is subject to manual moderation, which may result in a slight delay in publication. We are very attentive to the quality of content and do not allow reposting of videos from other video services or publishing videos with a watermark of a third-party application.

Reports. If you find that the content you see is inappropriate or of poor quality, you can always report to our moderators.

Please update the service and test the improved version of VideoS. If you encounter any difficulties or errors, please let us know. Stay close, stay in SFERA.


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