What to post?

What to post?

With the increase in activity in the application and the growing volume of publications, we have decided to take a closer look at what content can be published in the application and how moderation works.

Users must follow the Community Standards to avoid misunderstandings. These standards are consistent with the rules of communication in the real world, and users can familiarize themselves with them in the Settings – Terms and Policies section. Every SFERA account owner must know and comply with these standards.

When posting materials and comments, ensure they are not offensive to other users and do not violate third-party privacy rights. Additionally, please note that your account may be quickly blocked or completely deleted if you:

  • Conduct mass mailings of messages to Application users;
  • Upload, publish, and distribute materials with watermarks of third-party applications or violate the copyrights of third parties;
  • Disseminate information aimed at the propaganda of military operations, incitement of national, racial, or religious hatred and enmity, or other information for which criminal or administrative liability is provided.

These rules also apply to reposts, as they are a form of disseminating information. Therefore, our Rules and Standards apply to both reposts and original publications.

If any content is published that does not comply with the Community Standards, our moderator will contact you via private messages indicating the violations and recommending corrective actions.

In summary, to avoid being banned and losing your account, it is essential to follow the rules. Please carefully monitor what you post, pay attention to other users’ comments under your publications, and let us know if you encounter any violations.


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