We often hear users’ questions: why is the app’s name and menu not in Russian if we position ourselves as a Russian project? Today, we have decided to explain the reasons behind this decision.

The name “Sfera” was chosen intentionally as it reflects the essence and concept of our company. The SFERA project is a reimagining of current social networks. We aim to elevate internet communication to a new level and promote valuable and educational content. It is a platform where dozens of interconnected applications are designed to address real-life challenges, whether it’s related to love, work, or hobbies.

“Sfera” is a Latin word that translates to “sphere.” This choice is connected to the fact that we are developing a project where it’s essential to consider all aspects of our users’ lives. Moreover, using the Latin version of the name allows us to be more recognizable and memorable to our clients and partners worldwide.

Regarding the decision to use English names in the app’s menu, there are several reasons.

Firstly, English is an international language of communication. The majority of people worldwide have some level of proficiency in English. Therefore, using English names in the app enables us to expand our audience and facilitate communication with users from different countries.

Secondly, such names help us create a more consistent and uniform user experience. Many terms and phrases in IT and social networks were established in English. Thus, using English in the app helps users to navigate and interact with the interface more quickly.

Lastly, using English helps us build a brand with international influence. We aspire to develop and promote our project in the Russian market and beyond its borders. Using English in the app’s name and menu makes us more recognizable and appealing to potential clients and partners from other countries.

Despite all of the above, it’s worth mentioning that we have taken our Russian-speaking users into account, and now the side menu is available in Russian!

We hope for your understanding and support regarding our choice to use Latin for the name and English names for sub-applications in our system.


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