Figma: Why our designers choose it?

Today, we will talk about how our design team utilizes Figma. Figma is an online design creation and editing tool that enables collaborative work on projects with other designers and clients. Let’s explore the reasons why we have chosen Figma for our projects.

First and foremost, Figma allows us to work together on projects. Thanks to its collaborative features, we can exchange ideas and edit designs in real time, expediting the creation process.

Another advantage of Figma is its flexibility and user-friendliness. It provides many tools for working with text and graphics and exporting designs to various formats for sharing with clients or colleagues.

However, despite all its advantages, Figma can be challenging for novice designers. In this post, we share a selection of the six most valuable plugins for Figma, according to our project’s designers.



Often, a considerable amount of time during development is spent drawing custom icons or searching for the right ones. Iconofy significantly eases this task for designers.

Better Font Picker

This plugin instantly shows how a font looks and helps select the right one.

Remove BG

It helps quickly remove unwanted backgrounds from almost any type of asset.


It assists in selecting a color palette for the design. You can choose a favorite option from the library or generate your color scheme.


This plugin enables the creation of animations directly in Figma and provides access to a library with over 80,000 ready-to-use animations.


It checks the color contrast accessibility of any elements in the layout.


In conclusion, choosing Figma was based on our need for a convenient and efficient project design tool. We are confident that this decision will help us achieve our goals.

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