New features and improvements to the app: overview of updates

Today, we want to share the latest updates and fixes implemented in our application. Let’s look at the tasks completed on the iOS and Android platforms.


– In ASAP, a new media picker has been added, allowing you to select and attach media files to messages conveniently.

– Moments uploading has been optimized, and they will now upload faster and without delays.

– After a missed call, the unread message counter is displayed correctly.

– The last message bubble in chats will no longer overlap with the keyboard, ensuring more comfortable communication.

– When first entering Choose after reinstalling the application, you will no longer encounter the issue of endless loading.

– An issue in JobLite that prevented changing the employment type when creating or editing a vacancy has been fixed.

– In the People Nearby section of MeetNet, you can now swipe cards to find attractive people nearby quickly.

– A “More” button has been added when transitioning to a user’s profile card in the People Nearby section of MeetNet.

– A crash in the application after subscribing to a user and transitioning to their next video in VideoS has been fixed.


– We have updated the list of countries for convenient phone number linking to your account.

– The “Country History” feature is now available in the Main Profile.

– Beauty Space functionality has been improved to provide you with more options for self-care and beauty.

– You can now block users directly from their profiles.

– The app’s layout has been updated following the latest Material Design 3 trends to create a more modern and stylish interface.

– Content in the SFERA Feed is displayed correctly after collapsing and expanding the application, ensuring you don’t miss any exciting material.

– Chronicles no longer disappear from the profile when the “Hide in Recommendations” toggle is activated.

– When forwarding a message in ASAP, all available chats are now displayed so you can easily send the message to the desired contact.

– You can now post “Yes/No” type Choose without any issues to ask exciting questions and receive responses from other users.

We have also made several improvements to make your app usage more comfortable and fast.

The structure of the SFERA Feed has been optimized. This means that the SFERA Feed now works even smoother and more efficiently. You can quickly scroll through news and updates without waiting for content to load.

Additionally, we have optimized requests in the SFERA Feed to speed up content loading. You will receive updates and news even faster, without delays and downtime.

We hope these updates and fixes will make your app usage more convenient and enjoyable. If you have any questions or suggestions, please contact us.

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