The new update

Dear users!

We are excited to announce the release of the SFERA update for iOS! In this update, we have considered your feedback and introduced numerous innovations and fixes to improve your app experience. Here are some of the key changes:

Notification counter in the SFERA Feed. Now, thanks to the new counter, you’ll always be aware of new notifications.

Fixed crash when swiping photos in the Main Profile. We’ve resolved an issue that caused the app to crash when viewing photos.

Fixed photo cropping in the Main Profile. You can now enlarge the cropping area of a photo when uploading it to your profile.

Improved chat performance. Delays and freezes have been eliminated when scrolling through chats with photos/videos.

Language filter in Black Box. The language filter now works correctly.

Adding photos in Choose. Fixed an error that prevented images from being added when creating a poll.

Correction of rating display in VideoS. The incorrect display of rating stars when swiping videos has been fixed.

Sound in MeetNet video presentations. Now, sound in video presentations will play even in silent mode.

We hope these changes will enhance your experience with the app. Thank you for being with us!


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